Monday, July 9, 2012

That's How Much I Love You!

I am not a mother and only God knows when and if I will become one. However, I do believe that most, if not all, women are born with a natural maternal instinct; it is just brought out when one actually becomes a mother. The closest thing I have to a child is my niece, Kylei. I love her like she is my own and there is nothing she could do that would make me stop loving her. I can only imagine if I love her as much as I do how much love parents have for their own children. And God, our Father, is no exception. The only reason we are able to love like we do is because God loved us first and shows us how to love our children (Matt7.11).
God created each of us with a unique purpose for this life (Jer1.5). He loves us so much that he crafted us so intricately that we each have our own fingerprint and DNA. He spent time on each and every single person on this planet. It’s in God that we get our start and it is He who made us in the first place (Is43.1).
As much as a parent can love their child because they are theirs, they look at that child and know it came from them, God says the same thing about His children. He gave up His only Son just to get us back. We are redeemed and are able to have a real relationship with Him. Think of it like this: If you’re a parent you can understand this concept and if you’re not just think of the person you love more than anything on this planet…if someone had that child or that person and called and told you the only way you could give them back is if you gave up your most prized possession or they would die and be separated from you forever. Everyone would do whatever it took to get them back! And more than likely wouldn’t think twice about giving up whatever you needed just to have that child back in your arms again. That’s what God says about us in Isaiah 43:4 “I'd sell off the whole world to get you back, trade the creation just for you.” Think about it, it took God FIVE days create all of creation and only ONE day to create humans (Gen1). And think about the most beautiful mountains on earth and the vast, gorgeous beaches we have on this planet- and that’s just this planet.  Think about outer space and the galaxies upon galaxies. God says He would give it ALL of that up just to get us back!!! God loves us so much that there is NOTHING He wouldn’t do for us. Those beautiful mountains and gorgeous beaches He created have nothing on YOU- He formed you, He created you, and He WANTS you! More than anything He wants to just love you! “I paid a huge price for you: all of Egypt, with rich Cush and Seba thrown in! That's how much you mean to me! That’s how much I love you!” Isaiah 43:4
            So while I may not be a mother yet, I know that there is no love greater than our Father’s love toward us. He only wants to love us and be reconciled. He doesn’t want anything from us; He just wants to give His love TO us!