Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unused Seconds

There are so many days, hours, and seconds that go unused. Unused? I mean making effective use of the time we have because it is steadily slipping through our fingers. I remember as a child how slow time seemed to move. Waiting on summer so I could go swimming, waiting on my birthday so I could get all of the presents I had been asking for, waiting on Chirstmas to get the new baby doll or bicycle....time just seems to be every child's worst enemy. As I have gotten older (since high school), I realize the great value in time and how quickly it seems to pass by.

I've often told my friends how by this time in my life, I should be well established in my career, married, with a baby possibly on the way....ha ha- well none of that is true at the moment, does that mean time has passed me by? I think not. To answer the question of why I haven't accomplished the goals my 15 year old mind set for me is because my plans were not God's plans and His ways are higher than mine so I will readily submit to them (Isaiah 55:9).

Nonetheless, time is of the essence. Everyone knows that our days are numbered and we are only here for so long then we are gone. My goal in life is to make each day count, each moment count. I have been forced to think how am I actually doing that?

I can't help but be burdened with the fact that every day lost people are dying and going to Hell. In reality, this very second I could be reaching someone to Christ. As I went about my day today, doing the things on my agenda that needed to be done, I am crippled by the thought of how I have not shared Christ with someone. As Christians, Christ has called us to share the gospel and make disciples (followers) of Him. I get so caught up in the things I have planned to do and my goals for life, that I forget my purpose is to be making disciples. The things I do here on earth should only be a means to making those disciples. (Matthew 28:19)

One thing I've found to be so true: when I keep eternity and judgement day on the forefront of my mind, I make my decisions based on godly truths and I'm less likely to turn back or regret decisions I've made to follow Christ.

Beyond everything, how are you using your seconds, minutes, hours, and days to glorify God by accomplishing your purpose here to make disciples?

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